First Post! the To Do list

First post! We’re having a couple shindigs the 3rd week of October and I’m feeling the pressure using the motivation to get some stuff done around here. And actually I’ve shortened my list considerably considering one of these events is a Halloween party and I gots some crafting to do for decorations.

– paint living room
– hide tv cords in wall
– hang ikea shelves
– clean and stain wooden furniture
– get kitchen island
– paint kitchen stools
– clear back corner of yard (without falling in the well)
– string lights on the patio
– hang more stuff on the walls!
– make Halloween costume!
– DIY fabric banner for party

Wasn’t planning to paint the living room. We spackled the nail holes in the walls, so now we’ve got big white patches to cover up. No going back now!

The outdoor furniture has been needing some help for a while, and who wants to sit on mildewy furniture?

Well, enough computer time, let’s see how much stuff I can get done. =)


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