Re-Store Score – the Yellow Chair

Have you heard of the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store? Well, they are kind of awesome. They have a lot of kitchen cabinets, used appliances, and dated brass fixtures… and books? I pick up random novels I’ve never heard of for $2- $3.

People also donate furniture. And look at this baby I found a while back. It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

I know its likely some 70s leftover, and maybe those who remember that time in home decor shudder at the thought. But goldenrod is totally back. What sold me was the price – $25.


It’s a bit worn around the edges, but its 98% in good condition.  The tweedy fabric is a cat’s idea of scratchpost heaven.  I knew that going in, and sure enough it has proven true.


Maybe one day I’ll have it reupholstered.  For now, I’ll consider it character.  Or drape an afghan over the corner.


Percy leaves his white fuzz all over it.  Keepin it real.  I’ll get a lint roller out before people come over.


Here is a gratuitous (and blurry, sorry) photo but it has a kitten AND a puppy so I couldn’t resist.

20111005-142726.jpg(featuring Izzy, my in-laws’ weenie dog)

Do you love the furniture you found for cheap more than you love your more pricey furniture? 

I feel like I do.  Its the treasure hunt mentality perhaps.


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