Postcard Art

I like collecting postcards. They’re a cheap way to collect a lot of art prints in a very manageable size. Here’s a little DIY project we did to display postcards, photos, etc.


Materials: 10 feet of trim, acrylic paint, eye screws, screw hole hangers, fishing line, binder clips.

We cut the trim into 3 sections, 2 of which were 2 feet and one 3 feet. We painted the trim black and attached the hangers to the back so we could hang the trim off of nails in the wall, just like a picture frame. Then Chris used his man hands to screw the eye screws into the bottom of the trim. We tied the fishing line to the loops and then tied on the binder clips. We did this after we hung up the trim so we could space out the clips and put several on one line and maintain a staggered effect.





We pick up postcards when we travel and/or go to museums, so I’ve got a decent set to rotate through and add to.


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