The Art of Productive Procrastination

My two main goals for Monday- Wednesday were to A. Hang things on the wall and B. Clean clean clean. I got a good start to the cleaning over the weekend and I’m waiting til Wednesday to finish it up – cleaning too early is pointless.

Tuesday night was supposed to be spray painting some frames and finding photos to put inside them. Wait that was Monday night too, but I didn’t finish. I watched tv like a slacker.

I go into the garage to check on my frames, wonder where some paint was, and then wonder what happened to all those picture frames I bought ages ago.   They have to be here somewhere.  Why is this garage such a mess?! I can’t work in this! Where is that polar bear painting I did a few years ago? I want my polar bear painting!

Now, our detached one car garage has gone through several stages of junkness. For a while it was so full of giant piles that no car could fit inside and nothing could be reached. It was like an episode of Hoarders (lets call that Stage 1). We tackled it and the piles cleared to just the sides of the garage. So piles up to ceiling but space for my car to fit inside. Stage 2 (Hoarders make room for car) lasted for a while until we finally tackled that. Stage 3 has been no more hoarding, replaced by small piles of things to donate/ bags of craft supplies/ art from our college years.  Nothing like looking at my crappy school art to make me feel good about myself.

We have big aspirations for our little red garage. We want it to be an art studio/ workshop/ gym/ place to put my car. Chris has definitely been doing the gym part, with a weight set that he moves out from the corner as needed. But the studio part has been sorely lacking and that’s what set me off.  I need a place to create and work happily!  The fluorescent lighting and piles of junk were not that place.


This giant piece of plywood is actually the back of a painting Chris did in college.  Its very large and very heavy.  Why did he make so many of his paintings on heavy pieces of plywood?  The cardboard with the pile of canvases and notebooks on it resting on a wooden platform that is screwed into the wall.  Chris has thus far been unable to remove it.


I’m already in the middle of my mad organizing, which involved putting things up in the attic storage and getting a few things down.  I kept one of the patio chairs with me in case I needed to collapse.  Doggy was not much help, but its nice to have company.  There’s a table and a drafting table on the left, and a chest of drawers blocked off by the weight bench.  Those stairs lead to the attic space that I can’t stand up in, but there’s a lot of space up there.  Lots of cleaning out stage 2 involved dumping stuff up there, but I shoved things around so that I could make a walkable path.  I hit my head a couple times.  (And imagined falling through the attic stair hole, lying bleeding on the concrete floor hoping Pascal could run for help.  Fortunately none of those things happened.)


Designated tool area… again, more workspace that isn’t very usable.  Poms I shoved under the cabinet and the donate pile.

Progress… a bit anyway


I covered the plywood with a (starry) curtain and used one of my college art projects… its an Emily Dickinson poem (on strips of paper with velcro on the back).  I Dwell in Possibility.  Its pretty nice, you should google it.  Again, kinda bad memories from college art days but that’s not Emily’s fault.


I added twinkle lights.  Because… you can’t have too many twinkle lights.  Just like you can never have too much cow bell.  And I needed an alternative to the overhead fluorescent light.  I also put some art on the pegboard.  Art here being a poster, photos of Chris’s Peachtree races and his high school letter aka random stuff I found in the garage.  I also found his high school diploma covered in spider gook in the corner.  Obviously his accomplishments at Decatur High School meant a lot to him.


Look, usable work space!  The remaining bags are things I’m going to use in the next week for the party… and some of Chris’s workout gear that I don’t know where to put.


The blinding floor light is good for artsy projects.  And not blinding when pointed way from face.


All in all there is still a lot of ugliness to be undone, and organization desperately needed.  It is always going to be a garage.  But its in progress.  I met the spiders creating the spider gook – one in each corner (aka Tim the Toolman and his neighbor Wilson).  I let them be for the moment.  Once I felt satisfied with my organizing and twinkle lighting and attic-head-bashing, I was able to move on to my real purpose.


Spray painting that junk.


Good thing my garage has been somewhat de- cluttered and now has better mood lighting.  Because all these people coming over are going to see… not my garage.  That my friends is what I like to call “productive procrastination”.

For now, we are tired doggies.


p. to the s.  I did find my picture frames and some other various decorative items (wedding photos, oh good).  Much more attractive photos to come.  Sorry for all the ugly garage photos… but I want to maximize every foot of our space and enjoy living in it.  And that includes my art studio… garage.


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