Op: Stuff on Walls part Deux

I’m back!  I was buried in party-making over the weekend and I feel like I’ve finally recovered!  Well, I’m not sleepy at the moment and the kitchen floor needs some attention, but we’re mostly recovered.

So last time I was spray painting some frames, including this one.  I’ve had it for a while hanging empty on the wall like this.  A little bleak.  If it looks familiar, its because its another Ikea purchase – the Ung Drill frame for $30. I liked the curvy old school look of it, but truth is its just plastic.  I’ve seen other Ikea frames spray-painted around the blogosphere, but I never pinned any so I can’t share unfortunately.

Before – black and bleak


After – lighter and brighter…?


I didn’t want it straight up white, so I used this off-white/cream spray paint.  Ivory that is.


This frame has a lot of nooks and crannies to get paint into (not unlike an English muffin) and I ended up emptying the entire can of paint on this one frame.


Look, its happy to see ya.  The masking tape message is temporary until I get the glass part of the frame unburied in the garage.  If it has survived being buried in the garage that is.

I added little hints of metallic copper paint around some edges hoping it would look distressed, like it was an old dark brassy gold underneath aging white paint.

I think it ended up looking more like cheesy gold finishes on white decorative china figurines.  But I used it sparingly, and who knows, I might end up painting this baby yellow or green or something later on down the road.  But for now, its definitely less oppressive and even less plasticky looking than before.


The Ung Drill has only begun its journey… (from the halls of Hrothgar!  no?)



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