Island in the Sun

My kitchen island arrived!  And in time for our party Sunday.


After a lot of hunting around on the interwebs for the right counterheight table, I finally thought that it would be cheaper and better to just make our own.  I liked the idea of a butcherblock table.  I wanted it to be the same height as our counters to function as additional workspace, and so that it felt like it belonged.  It also needed to be long and rectangular (like the kitchen) so that we could still move around.  Funny how putting a table in the middle always made our kitchen feel small and awkward, when really its not either of those things.  And it needed to have stools to slide under it to make for hang-out space and a place to eat.  We never eat in our kitchen.  The slide-under was important because I didn’t want to be tripping over the stools all the time.

Here’s an example of the close but not quite right – the Groland kitchen island.

What is the point of paying $200 and then not even using the bottom storage?  We’ve got lots of cabinets, so storage is not an issue.  And it would be in the way of my stools.  And cats would be walking all over whatever I put there.  I did get the idea of having a bar for towels from this guy though.


Oh and the two saddle stools – also Ikea.  We bought those a while ago having faith that if we bought the chairs, the table would come.  They don’t seem to sell them anymore though, I can’t find them on the website. Bummer.

Before we didn’t have anywhere to hang dishtowels.  Voila!  The bar is tucked right under the edge so it doesn’t stick out.


I got the top at (wait for it) Ikea.  The dimensions of 1 piece of Lagan countertop turned out to be the perfect measurements.  Real butcher block is expensive, but the one piece of countertop was only $39.  My dad built the frame/legs and stained them with what he hoped would match our other cabinets.  Its his Christmas present to us, so Merry Christmas to me!


The stain is fairly dark, but it does match the cabinet knobs.  I’m thinking I might change it at some point … to light gray.  What do you think?


One thought on “Island in the Sun

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