Halloween Decor – Medieval Banner

We had a little theme going on for our first ever Halloween party.  Chris gets excited about the Renaissance Fair every year, so back in the spring he decided that we should have a party with a similar theme.  I decided to make a banner with crests on it – that works, right?

We bought some lightweight white fabric and I cut out squares (rectangles) roughly 8×11, just like a sheet of paper.  I made a shield shape out of paper and “traced” aka painted around the edges of it so that all my shields would be the same size and shape.  I also brainstormed a list of symbols that seemed crest-y to me:  crown, sword, knight helmet, tree, acorn, fleur de lis, horse, lion, castle, tower, etc.  One symbol shown in the photos does not belong at all, but I’ll let you figure out which one that is.  (Hint – its nerdy)

We painted them with normal everyday acrylic paint.  I bought a long roll of jute string at the Lowe’s Depot for a rustic look.  I folded the top part of the fabric over the string and then hot glued the back so the fabric was permanently stuck to itself.  The glue showed through a bit when it dried if the globs were too big.  I could have sewed them, but I don’t have a sewing machine.  Yet.

We painted these freehand, but the fabric was definitely thin enough to trace a pattern through.  Definitely learned that good brushes make this so much easier.  I tried sharpie at first, but that bled way too much, paint was the better choice.

How does one dress up for a medieval / renaissance theme?  Like this.  Yes, there was archery.  We might have put some holes in our shed accidentally.


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