Etsy Favorites – Good Buys

I love Etsy, so so much.  I try not to get on it too much these days because I will just find more things that I want to buy.

However, if you are in the mood to do some shopping, here are some of my favorites.

Stuff I’ve bought:

Isn’t he just the cutest, happiest lil guy?  This photo makes me smile too, so I bought the card for $4.50.  Check out even more beyond adorable lamb and farm photos by Junelle at Yes and Amen.

As you may notice, I’m continuing my card collecting.  This gem comes from Julia at The Spotted Sparrow.  She writes in the product description, “There is something about combining Victorian images with 80s lyrics that makes me giggle.”  I have to agree completely. This store is based out of the UK, so the prices are in British pounds.  At our terrible exchange rates, that worked out to a little less than $6 at the time I bought it.  Julia uses eco-friendly paper, ink, and wrapping materials, so think of that plus the bad economy when you consider the price.  Hooray for good design and biodegradable plastics!

Everybody likes graphic tees.  This wasn’t quite my style, but I thought it was hilarious, so I bought it for my brother as a birthday gift.  As they have smartly inserted their brand into the photo, I may not have to tell you this is from Gnome Enterprises.  The shirt is appropriately priced at $25, and if you look at their shop you’ll see they are very proud that Neko Case has been photographed wearing one of their shirts.  If you need a shirt with a picture of a t-rex battling a robot, this is the place.  They’ve also got cute designs with little owls and foxes  for the girls.

Put a bird on it!  Joom has a slew of pillows like this lil guy in lots of beautiful colors with various flora and fauna birdy patterns.  The mini pillows, like this one, are a very manageable $16.  This was a wedding gift for my dear little friend Christie, she’s a sucker for the birdies.  This store is also producing some birdy art prints that have a Danish mid-century feel to them.

Since I’m getting into a bird theme, here’s one of my early purchases.  I normally don’t like chunky accessories, but I finally found a cute (nearly-sleeveless) shirt that works perfectly with this bracelet/cuff.  Let it be noted that Chris said I looked like Wonder Woman, but that’s not a bad thing, right?  I got it for $25, but looks like the price has gone up to $28 now.  You can find this and similar cuffs at Unique Art Pendants.  Molly also does some nice art prints with vintage illustrations on old book pages.  Sound familiar?  (Scroll up).

Isn’t it the cutest little bag?  I’m a little crazy-in-love with the fabric.  This was made by one of my talented co-workers Brianna!  Her store, Tailored by Torrey, has clutch bags and aprons made in fun, unique prints.  Can you believe that I gave this to Christie too for her birthday?  It killed me.  I almost kept it for myself, it was a hard battle.  This was a great deal for $10.  And the minute Brianna makes something else out of this fabric (I’m hoping for a throw pillow cover) I am snatching it up before all y’all even see it.  Then I will brag about it here on the blog.

Well kids, that’s all for now on the past Etsy purchases.  I think I’m going to do more random Etsy round-ups in the future, because that place is a treasure trove of temptation and inspiration.


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