Pinterest Challenge – Faux Mercury Glass

My Pinterest challenge came from this tutorial on faking mercury glass that I found (via Apartment Therapy, who re-posted it) on the blog Take the Side Street by Anna.  Below are 2 of Anna’s photos of her finished product.

I really like the way it looks in the photo above.  All authentic and antiquey.

Here they are all lit up with candles.  They get a bit splotchy, but I know that subtle effects can be tricky to pick up with a camera.

And here is my attempt.

Nailed it!  Ok, not quite.  Her tutorial said to spray the inside of the glass, but I definitely got some drips because its pretty hard to spray at the appropriate 18-24 inch distance in such a narrow space.  I think if I try this again I will stick to doing the outside of the glass to have better control.  Anywho.  When its not illuminated it looks like a fairly flat silver, only lit up can I see the drip marks and the subtle distresses that I added intentionally.

Yeah, hard to get a detailed photo with my point and shoot.  (But that brings me to another goal – use a real camera and not the iPhone camera, see the 2012 page).  So the distressing isn’t nearly as dramatic, but I was wiping away fairly big smudges and I got skeered of wiping too much.  I could keep distressing and then re-spraying, but I was almost out of spray paint.  I may finesse them a bit more when I’m feeling spray-painty.  Do you ever get surprised at how fast you go through a can?


4 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge – Faux Mercury Glass

  1. I think it looks good! It is tricky to spray the inside, I did it in really short bursts and then just rotated the glass in my hand to move to the next section after giving it a few seconds to set. That spray is super super runny… I’d keep practicing though, because if you spray the outside it won’t work with the Looking Glass 🙂 It’s only meant for the reverse side of glass, and the side you see is a dull gray instead of reflective.

    If you did go for the outside, I’d recommend using Krylon’s Original Chrome (comes in a skinny spray can) and distressing it from there. It won’t look quite the same but it’s still the shiniest, most silverleaf-y spray I’ve found. You can see that finish here: Good luck!! 🙂

    • Wow, one-sided spray paint? That kinda blew my mind. I never would of thought of that, but now I know why the instructions are what they are. Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely keep those in mind. I thought it was funny that I saw a few other people including Katie did the mercury glass too.

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