Flight of Fancy

A while back I saw some white “upcycled” vintage birds for sale on Etsy  – they caught my eye in that special way. (Does the fake word upcycled bother anyone else? Just me?) By the time I got back to them, they were sold, but I searched Etsy for other plastic bird wall art from the 1970s. (If you are looking for some of these, the companies are called Burwood or Syroco.  There are probably a few other major producers too, but those search terms helped me locate them.)  Lo and behold, they were findable!

Not so bad:

Eek – super plastic.

I gave these guys a unified look with, what else, white spray paint. Then I traced each bird and made a paper doppelganger of each so I could tape them to the wall and get them arranged before putting a bunch of nails in the wall and deciding I didn’t like it.

Then I put a nail through the paper bird so that it would hang in the exact same spot.  Basically, I used this principle:

And here’s the finished product:

Oh and see those 2 paintings hiding down in the corner?  Yes, the birds are the first thing to go on our bedroom walls.  Maybe those paintings will make it up soon.

Oh I’m not using any hipster camera filters, something about the lights in my room must turn everything yellow-green.  Hmm.  Clearly I need to figure out how to white balance the point n shoot.  Anywho.

Etsy stores I purchased the birds from:  Tinted Vintage, Retro Chalet, East Tennessee Girl

Did this (hi-larious) sketch from Portlandia ruin bird decor for anyone?  It kinda did for me, but I already committed to these little guys.  And I can’t stop liking the birdies.

Don’t forget to put a bird on it!


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