Blogiversary – 1 month!

I started this lil blog on October 3rd and yay, 1 month later I’m still going!  Can’t believe I haven’t quit already.  =)

Only fitting that November 2nd was my blog’s biggest day ever.  You mean, the best post ever?  Actually not at all.  I wasn’t completely satisfied with my project and I didn’t even write that much.  More like thanks to the Pinterest Challenge, founded by Katie Bower.  (Last time I linked to YHL, so thought I would balance it out.)  Linking to big blogs does bring you more traffic, its true.

So – what was I saying? – it was the biggest day every because I’ve got 178 hits that day.  Which in successful blog world is nothing remotely special or important – just like my ability to run a mile in 15 minutes.  (The judge from Kenya is not impressed).  Ha.  But hey, my really slow mile and my best ever blog days are personal bests for me, so at least I can impress myself.  And that, my friends, is called personal growth.

Speaking of my first post, it was a to do list.  Let’s see how many of those things I actually got done:

– paint living room  DONE
– hide tv cords in wall  Not Done
– hang ikea shelves  DONE
– clean and stain wooden furniture  DONE
– get kitchen island  DONE
– paint kitchen stools  Not Done
– clear back corner of yard (without falling in the well)  Not Done
– string lights on the patio  DONE
– hang more stuff on the walls!  DONE
– make Halloween costume!  DONE
– DIY fabric banner for party  DONE

So 8 out of 11 isn’t too bad.  Hiding tv cords in the wall was a job for Chris, as I’m still scared to drill into the wall myself.

Wait, clearing out the backyard was sort of a Chris job too.  The biggest issue with that is figuring out what to do with the giant pile of debris in the corner.   It was here when we moved in, and we’ve added to it since.  We need to arrange pick-up so that a giant pile isn’t bugging our neighbors while it sits on the side of the street.

As for the stools, I needed to see the stain of the legs before deciding what to do with the stools.  I think I might still go for green… I’ve been sick-ish for a week, so I’ve got recover to get back into the painting and crafting zone.


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