Once Upon a Loft

So I decided to fire up the ole Hulu and watch the new show on ABC, “Once Upon a Time”.  The show is mediocre – about on par with a SciFi (scuze me, SyFy) original miniseries.  What I absolutely loved was the set design.  In fact, I want to re-watch some episodes just to see more of Snow White’s amazing home.  Can I be your roomie?  I bet she likes drinking tea, baking muffins, and going to the farmer’s market.

Ginnifer Goodwin aka Snow White has the cutest space.  I’d call it “industrial loft meets vintage cottage”.  It has the high ceilings, huge windows, and brick walls of a converted old factory but is completely warm and inviting.  Every wooden surface, from the front door to kitchen chairs, has a distressed paint finish. The little deer figurine on the left and the globe on the right are other very in the moment trends.

I like the balance of the whitewashed brick with the red brick.  How cool is that faux advertisement painted on the wall?  Snow White also has mismatched chairs that she probably found in thrift stores and country antique sales held in farmers’ barns.

Check out the vintage appliances, wooden countertop, and the teal hutch.

Though all the characters are unwittingly fairytale characters stuck in modern day America, there are little winky nods to their roots in an enchanted forest.  See the cute little teapot with the owl on top?  And the sugarbowl with the happy bluebird – a tribute to her woodland friends.

Snow even has cute dinnerware.  Looks a lot like a mug at Anthropologie, but don’t get too excited, its not the same one.  I’m also kind of tempted to get her haircut… but I don’t know if I could pull it off, lets be honest.

And now for something completely different – the evil queen has a pretty swank house herself.  Its modern, elegant, but still a little cold.  Not too hard to imagine a rich witch living here.

Oh, that’s not the evil queen. That’s the set designer, and more power to him.  The monochromatic scheme stays interesting with a variety of prints and fabrics, like the biker-chic leather nailhead chair next to the satiny silver sofa.

The birch wallpaper is another cheeky nod to the enchanted forest. That horse sculpture is likely in memory of the queen’s favorite “steed”. Oh yeah, she had a steed. The intense symmetry  and classic columns and arches keep everything formal.

What’s a palace without marble floors, vaulted ceilings, and dramatic light fixtures.  The only spot of color is the bowl of red apples on the table, she seemed to have some apples on hand in every room.  A little too much damask and glossy black for my taste, but you can’t deny that witch-queen has style.

Oh, if that birch wallpaper seems familiar, its because its by Cole and Son and coincidentally also sold by Anthropologie.

Yes, the show is so-so, but I am hoping it stays on the air so I can get some more design eyecandy.  There are some cute boys on the show too.  One even has an English accent and a weird James Dean meets Chandler Bing sort of style.  You know, with the vest and tie combo…


photos courtesy of http://ginnifer-goodwin.tumblr.com and www.vancouversun.com


3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Loft

  1. That is the Anthropologie Homegrown Mug she is drinking out and the sugarbowl above it is also available at Anthropologie. I have also seen her is quite about of Anthropoloie clothing so far on teh show.

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