Etsy Favorites – part 2

Happy Monday! No? Ok, well here’s some more of my favorite Etsy swag and stores to brighten your day.

Lots of kisses for this quirky little store, the big harumph.  These are handcut and handpressed prints, with lots of funny and creative little quotes and images.  Only $20 for an 8×10 print, sure to make you smile.

I suppose I think any and all housewares should have a sense of humor.  Got a tea fiend who needs a Christmas present?  Or perhaps someone who is simply a fan of 80s tv shows.  This mug would make me smile every time I pulled it out.  Check out Lenny Mud‘s store for even more goofy ceramics.

If you are looking for some kitchen art, Ana at anek has a heaping pile of cute prints about food, drink, and the love of both.  I especially love the quotes about food in Italian.  If you’ve never thought of hanging art in the kitchen, these prints will give you plenty to choose from.

Jen at painted fish studio has handmade notebooks and greeting cards, but I’m a sucker for fridge magnets like these.  Magnets are one of those little things I like to collect, like postcards.  I have family in Minnesota, so these polaroids of Minneapolis are my favorites.

Future’s so bright this doggy’s gotta wear shades.  Shout out to an Atlanta local, Jen Ray and her shop corduroy.  Her funky little hand-drawn creatures dance on coffee mugs and boogie on paper.  I’ve got a weakness for fuzzy animals and oddball quotes, and Jen’s art combines both in a charming, unique way.

Remember how transit scrolls were really trendy for about a week maybe a year ago?  Well take that idea and insert the haunts and happening places of the Bennett family and that dashing Mr. Darcy.  Yes, its a tea towel with a list of destinations from Pride and Prejudice.  Brookish sells mugs, shirts, totes, and prints that all feature quotes from your favorite Jane Austen novels.  If you think your man is a Darcy, you can get him a shirt that labels him as such, and see if he is man enough to wear it.

Well if you haven’t found seen some good Christmas gifts by now, I suggest you head on over to Etsy and surf the thousands of shops full of vintage finds and handmade goods.  There’s something for everyone – I know there’s lots for me!


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