Mums and Dragons

Apparently I missed mums season, because when I stopped by a Home Depot the other night I only found pansies. “But I just bought some mums a couple weeks ago!” I cried in despair. Well, it was probably a month ago, but you know how time flies. I have a charming little window box with 3 containers, and I’ve enjoyed looking out and seeing these purple mums in the box. But its neighboring boxes were still empty.


I found some battered mums in front of Kroger, marked down to $1 each.  They’ve seen better days, but hey for the price I hoped that I could rescue these lil guys and maybe they would spruce up and be beautiful, just like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.


Its hard to find something with some color that is not yellow, because let’s face it, there’s enough yellow going on here.  I like that my sad $1 mums have a little purple hint to them to coordinate with the fat healthy plant in the middle.


Isn’t the little box so charming?  I hope the flowers stay alive.  This is the third time I’ve put flowers in there.  Pansies are meant to die anyway, but they never really thrived.  I also tried moss roses, but I forgot to water them too.


I picked up 3 mums and 2 snapdragons, not knowing how much it would take to fill the window boxes.  I put the extra mum and snapdragons in the ground.


See the nice mulch I put down too?  The green guy on the left and the little dead guy are some ground covers that I bought last year.  Then I decided that they needed to be moved, because in their current location I couldn’t even see them and they were going to be covered by a very vicious ivy.  However, I transplanted them right before going on vacation in August and most of them died.  The little brown one is actually slightly alive, so I carefully mulched around it hoping that it will continue to resuscitate.  I’m not sure, but I believe this is what it is that survived so well. I’m not good at remembering what plant is what.

That’s what it looks like when it is alive, healthy, and blooming in the summer.  Here’s hoping.  I planted some other summer plants back in August too (the pink and purple things below) and I’m happy to see they managed to survive as well.


And now I’ve got a bunch of little tiny weeds invading.  This is what started my quest for good ground covers… a quest that is still in its infancy.


I’ve been reluctant to post about yard stuff because before and afters seem so feeble.  And I have A Lot of work to do on the yard.  I can work for a couple hours and feel like I’ve barely made a dent.  Then I wonder how the people who lived here before me did all this.  This must have been their one and only hobby.  But putting things in the ground and getting lucky enough to see them live, even grow, is much more satisfying than pulling things out of the ground.  Like this mess.



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