Twelve by 2012 Challenge – Update

Its been 2 weeks since I joined in on the Twelve by 2012 challenge, in which I need to accomplish a certain number of things by December 31, 11:59 pm, 2011.  Some are specific tasks and others are more along the lines of developing a habit.  So how am I doing so far?  Bold means its in progress and Italic means I haven’t touched it or I’ve fallen off the wagon.

Andrea’s 12 by 2012:

  1. Design my own blog header/ background (this is just a pre-fab theme I’m making do with)
  2. Take better pictures with a real camera (well, point n shoot is all I got.  sorry iPhone, love ya)
  3. Learn to use Photoshop Elements program (to accomplish items 1 and 2)
  4. Launch an Etsy shop!  (I was fairly focused on this for a while, but got distracted)
  5. Run a 12 minute  mile (sad I know, right now its 15ish.  i’m a huff n puff)
  6. Post on the blog 4 times per week
  7. Clean something in my house every day (vs saving it all for the weekend)
  8. Buy a sewing machine and do at least 1 sewing project

5. So I got an icky cold and stopped the meager running I was doing, otherwise I think I might still be ok on that one (I know excuses, excuses).  Like I need an excuse to sit on my couch watching Netflix all day.

2.  I have been taking pictures with the “real camera” though I don’t know that it has made a huge difference.  The only editing I’ve done has been in the dinky program that came on Chris’s PC.  Also learned that taking photos of my bedroom is difficult due to the weird lights.

6.  I’ve been able to get a new post together 4 times a week, for better or for worse.

7.  The house cleaning has been off and on, again due to sickness, but I think I’m doing a bit more every day.  This also cuts into my “sitting on my couch” time.

I am Not going to freak out or feel like a failure.  I am going to go to Home Depot, try to evade traffic somehow, and then put on my running shoes and work on number 5. a bit.  Then I am going to work on 7.  After that I may need to sit on my couch.  7 more weeks to go!


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