House Tours

Some of my most Favorite Things to look at on the blogosphere are House Tours.  That’s why I love Apartment Therapy so so much.  Design Sponge does them every Monday too.  I like real homes better than staged, professionally styled fake rooms that are only put together for a magazine spread (though those have plenty of eye candy too).

For example, here’s a photo from Ikea’s blog Livet Hemma.

Super gorgeous, right?  If I went and bought all the same furnishings and rugs and put them in my house, would it be the same?  Absolutely not.  Because I don’t live in a European flat that dates back to 1802 with herringbone wood floors, soaring ceilings, and intricate molding on the ceiling and walls.  The closest thing I could get to this in Atlanta would be some restored antebellum mansion that Sherman somehow missed on his pyro tour of the South.  All that being said, the furniture is plain Jane and the room is fabulous with or without it.  So the only real inspiration I can take is that I could do gray walls with white slip-covered furniture and painted wood.  Those are all staple to most interior design eye candy these days anyway.  Sorry, end rant about Ikea’s brilliant and seductive marketing.

The real houses are, well, real.  People really live there, so things have to be functional.  Normally they are done on a budget, and include items collected and tweaked over time.

Here’s a glimpse of what I could call my favorite house tour to date:

Aren’t the textiles fabulous?  I would copy/paste this entire house into my own house if I could.  But alas, I can’t , because this couple built this cottage from the ground up with their own two hands over 5 years.  She probably got this bedding from Anthropologie on sale years ago, so not much hope of finding that either (or I could start getting busy on my own embroidery projects, ha).  What I should do is hold it up in front of me to keep my eye on the prize.  I’ll have to do my own thrift store-ing, diy-ing, and hopefully one day some renovations.  And that, my friends, is called authenticity.

All this to say, I’ve decided that I should do a home tour page here.  I’ve taken lots of pictures of my own house over the last few days.  Unfortunately the computer does not want me to upload these photos, hence the delay in my posts.  I’ll keep working on it and hopefully the computer demons will be banished.

For the meantime, I’ve finally added some Link Love over on the right ——>  (ha, I’ve no way to know if this arrow will point anywhere near my links).  These are some of my standby, daily reads.  Others are more diminutive blogs of friends and people kinda like me.  So if you are hankering for more eye candy or your new favorite blog, as I sometimes am, maybe you’ll find something new on this list.


2 thoughts on “House Tours

  1. Great post! Thanks for linking it up with the Apartment Therapy post. So true – all those pictures from magazines look amazing – but your space can never look EXACTLY like it unless you literally rebuild that person’s house. It’s what makes houses homes – no two are the same, and that’s the way it should be!

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