Candlelight Dinner

You could probably say I’m not really “into candles”.  At least, I never seem to get around to lighting them.  Most smelly candles are overly smelly, and one should never use scented candles for a dinner party.  But they are oh so cozy. When people come over I rush around frantically lighting candles to make a groovy mood, and every time I do I wonder why I don’t light them more often just for my own enjoyment.

I started saving wine bottles last year for a little project for Christie’s wedding and just kept going.  Now they’ve found some new life as candlestick holders.


They aren’t serving any particular purpose in these photos.   I just wanted to show you.  I’ll definitely be breaking them out for a little Christmas shindig at my house (ladies…).


I admit that it can be a hassle getting the labels off cleanly.  I use a combination of peeling them off, soaking in hot water, then using some dish soap and scrubbing, then finally using a razorblade to scrape off the most stubborn pieces.  I tried a few things I found by googling, like olive oil, nail polish remover, WD 40 etc.  I hate to waste good olive oil, and all of these options worked to some extent, but in the end you’re still going to need a razor blade to completely get the residue off.


I did have to (recruit a friend to) whittle the ends of the candlesticks so they would fit in the tops of the wine bottles. The candlesticks were $1 each from World Market.

I’ve never been one for elaborate center pieces for a dinner table.  Maybe because I don’t host a lot of dinner parties, but the main reason is that they seem to get in the way of the Food sitting on the table.  Priorities, people.

However, this little tablescape from Anna @ Take the Side Street has me inspired:

I might get a little “mossy enchanted forest romantic bohemian” for my partay.  Watch out ladies.  Now where do I find some bits of tree trunk?


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