House Tour – the girly bathroom

Welcome to the first in a series of “these are photos of my house” posts. And why not start with the place where I start every morning – the bathroom. Er, powder room. That place where I get so so glamorous.

We’ve done very little to this room. When we moved in the former owners had taken the mirror, so we added this round mirror from Ikea. That’s about it – I already liked the wall color.  I love the look of pedestal sinks, but there’s no counterspace for all my stuff.  I keep it in that little travel bag on top of the toilet.  It doesn’t seem very permanent, but it works for me.  Maybe one day I’ll add a very shallow medicine cabinet above the toilet.  The little shelf is there of course, but I don’t like to clutter that up, and it is pretty narrow.  Check out my classy Kermit the Frog toothbrush cup.

There’s the door into the little hallway. Yes, there’s green carpeting in that little space.

I also love these classic fixtures.  They read Hot, Cold, and in the middle, Waste.  That doesn’t stop me from leaving the water running when I brush my teeth sometimes.  I’m not super crazy about plastic soap dispensers, I picked up the glass dispenser at Target and haven’t looked back.  I think its classy.

I NEED a clock in the bathroom. I’m still always late of course. I also found this at Target. I searched Etsy for a real vintage one and couldn’t really find quite what I wanted. Lo and behold, Target has exactly what I’m looking for and only $14.

This window looks out on the street, so I gots to be careful to close the curtains. The little dresser thing is also from Target, we bought it when we first moved in. It doesn’t fit quite perfectly, but it helps with storage space and the cats love to perch there to look outside and watch me wash my face. Those little weirdos. In the future I’d like to replace it with something similar but shorter, or maybe a little stool or bench.

I picked up this earring stand at Urban Outfitters, you can find it here.  Its even got a bird on it!  Now I see all these cute earring holders on Pinterest that hang in a picture frame on the wall.  That would save me some space – and keep it out of reach for naughty kitties.  So while this is really cute and charming, I might consider doing something different in the future.

On the wall opposite from the sink and toilet I’ve got 3 things crammed into one tiny space – a decent closet, a small vanity counter with a big mirror, and a very narrow shower. Like, wow its really challenging to shave my legs in here type of shower. One day I’d love to rip out the vanity and shower and replace it with a clawfoot bathtub – I’d keep a shower head in there too. I think it would ooze charm and fit right in. A girl can dream…

Even though there is a drawer there, I don’t use it. I keep all my makeup in another bag there on the counter, which is overflowing with products I don’t use of course.

Isn’t this sugar bowl the cutest? I found it on Etsy in a search for depression glass, I use it wrangle jewelry and such. I love me some vintage depression glass. I don’t look for it any more to stop myself from going on buying binges.

This is the door to my laundry room. You can see there is an abrupt change of flooring, from pretty white and pink to that industrial orangey brown. The door leads to the backyard, and we do have a neighbor on that side too so I gotta close that too when I think of it.  Or make sure my unknown neighbor isn’t hanging on the back porch when I get out of the shower.  Helloooooo.

I do like my pink and white floor even though Everything shows up on it. Its not very modern, but that’s why I like it. The little round white bathmat is from World Market. The blue mat was either from Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Target, its been 4 years so I can’t remember which. They get dirty from muddy dog paws sometimes, nothing a little laundry action can’t handle.

Well, that’s the thrilling tour of my bathroom! Thanks for dropping by!


4 thoughts on “House Tour – the girly bathroom

  1. Hello,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my engagement post, I got the email but for some reason it isn’t showing up? Weird!
    I love your bathroom – although I’m sure the shower is frustrating the rest of it is perfectly sweet, simple and girly. Bliss!

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