Update! A Cubicle Christmas

Yup, I won “most nostalgic”. I didn’t really see my design as nostalgic, but I’ll take it! My little joke is that its nostalgic for a time when polar bears weren’t in danger of losing their habitat.

Here are some of my co-workers fabulous designs.


A Christmas tree made entirely from ribbons.


A snowglobe with little snowmen!  I want to play with the plastic every time I walk by.


A tree made entirely of medical supplies (from our medical department).  Those are rubber gloves, bandages, syringes, and an IV tube.


A chalkboard Christmas card with “Merry Christmas” in several different languages.


And our “Best in Show”, a cozy scene with a roaring fire and snow falling outside the window.


Merry Christmas and happy decorating!


A Cubicle Christmas

Its our first annual Christmas decoration contest here in cube-land. Here’s my entry:


It is made up of an old blue curtain with painted stars, a string of twinkle lights, a lace curtain I picked up at Goodwill, sparkly paper for the big star, and felt.


Hello little polar bears.  See how they are enjoying their night sky?

The sliver of brown is the actual color of the cubicle wall.  Bleck.  My favorite part is the twinkle lights shining through the blue fabric.  I think it makes the whole thing work.


The rules were that we could only decorate the outside wall of the cube, and only within a certain space.  If I’d been allowed, I would have snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.  I came up with the design before I heard the categories, which are:

  • Best in Show
  • Best Biblical Depiction
  • Best Seasonal Depiction
  • Most Creative Use of Materials
  • Most Colorful
  • Most Nostalgic

I don’t know that my piece really matches any of these, but here’s hoping for best in show.  😉  The winners will be announced tomorrow at our office Christmas lunch/party.  Whatever the results, I stand by my work.

House Tour – the bedroom

Welcome to the bedroom!  meow.  Sorry, I talk to my cats a lot.  Its a bad habit.

The weird spotlight is actually a spotlight.  There’s track lighting pointed all different directions way up high.  It is bright and unpleasant when certain people turn on these lights when other certain people are already in bed in the dark.

What’s funny is, it doesn’t look this ugly in real life.  It is, in fact, a large blank wall.  The dresser is a piece of nice furniture from a real furniture store – probably the nicest furniture we own.  It was a wedding present from the parents.  As for the blank wall, it could maybe use some stuff on it, and I’ve had some ideas.  A wall that huge is a bit intimidating – what could measure up?  Literally and figuratively – hah.  We’ve also got 2 paintings sitting in the corner that have been there much longer than I care to admit.

The floor is laminate – the bedroom laminate floor was there when we moved in.  Nice and glossy, but easier to scratch than our neighboring laminate in the living room.  You can see how it changes color out in the hall.  More on that later.

There’s the big ole Ikea wardbrobe.  Funny how the camera makes it more translucent, in real life the glass doors blend almost seamlessly with the blue walls.  Yes, there are those paintings sitting in the corner.  Maybe one day soon they’ll get to shine.

Boston Fern

So in April my lovely boss gave me a Boston Fern for my birthday (she’s so sweet). It was big then, but its humongous now.  It has lived happily in the shade on the patio, but I’ve been bringing it in so it doesn’t freeze its little fronds off.


So now it is hanging awkwardly here.  Awkward because its right at the “bonk one’s head” level.


I wish it could live happily on the floor, but certain jungle cats like to play in and around and on top of the fern.  And it makes a mess with fern bits all over the floor.


I’ve googled around, and according to the Internet, Boston ferns can survive the winter just fine if they are in a garage or basement.  I do have some windows in the garage and it stays pretty warm in there.  I should really divide it or re-pot it, because it must be bustin’ at the seams with roots.  The real trick is remembering to give it some water every once in a while.  I’m not so good at keeping plants alive…

p.s.  how cute is my dog?  so handsome.

p.p.s.  my blog is pink now, and much less busy.  you might have noticed.  it is not even close to permanent, but its about my skill level right now.  yay or nay?

Really?! Really.

The WordPress gremlins are hitting me again tonight.  Photos not uploading, things I write not saving.  I try to use my WordPress app on the phone, as the computer is failing me, and that freezes too.  Really?  REALLY?!  really.

I’m having some red wine and turning on Breakfast at Tiffany’s or something.  End rant.

House Tour – the kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen! Its one of our favorite parts of the house.

The chalkboard is a mirror – I painted the frame white and the mirror with chalkboard paint.  Its handy for grocery lists or Chris figuring out how strong to make his coffee.  Loss Cat is by a local Atlanta artist – he is the most famous lost cat ever.  Yet another piece of artwork that made me laugh so I had to have it.

Whoa, the cabinets are a different color on this side.  One day I’d like to replace the green formica countertops, have all the cabinets the same bright white, and put up a snazzier backsplash.  The decorative tiles were handpainted by the previous owners, and all the colors are very coordinated – but I’d like to put my own touches on the kitchen eventually.


It keeps going.  This is a little sunroom area with a full wall of sliding french doors that go out to the patio.  It also has sliding screen doors so we can keep cats in and bugs out.

This little nook has a futon sofa from World Market.  The rug and yellow pillow are also World Market finds.  The white patterned pillow is from Pier 1.

We stash the patio furniture cushions over here, and a folding table for when we have lots of people or a party.

And we’ve got the fire pit covered to keep it protected, that’s the weird black flying saucer.

This is admittedly our dumping ground and catch-all spot for the grocery bags.

Happy stalking!  (See the kitty stalking?)

House Tour – the office

The tour continues.  Here’s a small but sunny room, a nice place to sit in the morning when the sun is streaming through the climbing roses outside the window.

Yep, the floor is red, painted plywood.  The walls were a bright marigold yellow when we first moved in.  We changed it to a pale gray right away.  In fact, the previous owner asked us at the closing table if we were going to paint that room.  Turns out the yellow was brighter than she wanted too.

Here we see a little cheapy rug from Ikea that I know you’ve seen before if you like internet house tours.  Its called Gislev and it can be yours for only $20.  I like it well enough, and for only $20 I was willing to take it home.

Ok, I gotta admit that there’s so much Ikea in this room, the Swedish chef could be our roomate.  He’s not.  We’re also not going to talk about the 2 Volvos we’ve got parked outside.   (No offense Sweden, I obviously love you and your exports).

Desk, boxes, lamp, chair, little square frames – all Ikea.

Original artwork by our friend Keith Cooper!  The chick with the bunny ears was in an Easter basket from my mom the other year and he’s stuck around.

I’ve had those frames for way too long and have put nothing in them.  I have some square postcards that almost fit, but not quite.  I need to make some original artwork for them since nothing else will physically fit in there.  Chris’s Star Wars Legos and other assorted tchotchkes on display.

The book case came with the house, it is essentially built into the wall with trim around the bottom.

We have a big blackout roller shade to pull over this window if anyone is crashing on the sofa/futon and needs some darkness.

Facing the window is our futon from – you guessed it – Ikea.  In my defense, that pillow and the curtains are from World Market.  Here again is my homemade postcard display thingy.

See how it perfectly fits into the little nook?  Like, just barely fits in.  I measured the space and knew it would be the perfect squeeze for that space.  The futon pulls out to be a nice little bed, so this doubles as our guest bedroom.

And there is my tiny green carpeted hallway that leads into my bathroom.  The problem with this being a guest room is that I have to walk through it to get to my bathroom and my walk-in closet (the door for the closet is across from the hall window).  Also the cats’ bathroom is in the laundry room back there.  So in a sense, the whole office is just a hallway for me.  Since starting the blog I’ve spent a bit more time in here though.  Tis a pleasant little room.  Bork bork!