House Tour – the kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen! Its one of our favorite parts of the house.

The chalkboard is a mirror – I painted the frame white and the mirror with chalkboard paint.  Its handy for grocery lists or Chris figuring out how strong to make his coffee.  Loss Cat is by a local Atlanta artist – he is the most famous lost cat ever.  Yet another piece of artwork that made me laugh so I had to have it.

Whoa, the cabinets are a different color on this side.  One day I’d like to replace the green formica countertops, have all the cabinets the same bright white, and put up a snazzier backsplash.  The decorative tiles were handpainted by the previous owners, and all the colors are very coordinated – but I’d like to put my own touches on the kitchen eventually.


It keeps going.  This is a little sunroom area with a full wall of sliding french doors that go out to the patio.  It also has sliding screen doors so we can keep cats in and bugs out.

This little nook has a futon sofa from World Market.  The rug and yellow pillow are also World Market finds.  The white patterned pillow is from Pier 1.

We stash the patio furniture cushions over here, and a folding table for when we have lots of people or a party.

And we’ve got the fire pit covered to keep it protected, that’s the weird black flying saucer.

This is admittedly our dumping ground and catch-all spot for the grocery bags.

Happy stalking!  (See the kitty stalking?)


2 thoughts on “House Tour – the kitchen

    • I know, I’ve heard mixed things. Some people like it, I’ve just become used to it. When we moved in I immediately wanted the other cabinets painted so they would match. But apparently its a real design thing to have different colored cabinets… I think if I were to paint the stained cabinets, I’d have to re-paint ALL the cabinets in order to get the white to match. The fridge is the same cream color as the cabinets. So this sick part of me hopes our fridge will die so that it can start this domino effect of painting the cabinets, replacing the countertops and backsplash. =)

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