Boston Fern

So in April my lovely boss gave me a Boston Fern for my birthday (she’s so sweet). It was big then, but its humongous now.  It has lived happily in the shade on the patio, but I’ve been bringing it in so it doesn’t freeze its little fronds off.


So now it is hanging awkwardly here.  Awkward because its right at the “bonk one’s head” level.


I wish it could live happily on the floor, but certain jungle cats like to play in and around and on top of the fern.  And it makes a mess with fern bits all over the floor.


I’ve googled around, and according to the Internet, Boston ferns can survive the winter just fine if they are in a garage or basement.  I do have some windows in the garage and it stays pretty warm in there.  I should really divide it or re-pot it, because it must be bustin’ at the seams with roots.  The real trick is remembering to give it some water every once in a while.  I’m not so good at keeping plants alive…

p.s.  how cute is my dog?  so handsome.

p.p.s.  my blog is pink now, and much less busy.  you might have noticed.  it is not even close to permanent, but its about my skill level right now.  yay or nay?


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