House Tour – the bedroom

Welcome to the bedroom!  meow.  Sorry, I talk to my cats a lot.  Its a bad habit.

The weird spotlight is actually a spotlight.  There’s track lighting pointed all different directions way up high.  It is bright and unpleasant when certain people turn on these lights when other certain people are already in bed in the dark.

What’s funny is, it doesn’t look this ugly in real life.  It is, in fact, a large blank wall.  The dresser is a piece of nice furniture from a real furniture store – probably the nicest furniture we own.  It was a wedding present from the parents.  As for the blank wall, it could maybe use some stuff on it, and I’ve had some ideas.  A wall that huge is a bit intimidating – what could measure up?  Literally and figuratively – hah.  We’ve also got 2 paintings sitting in the corner that have been there much longer than I care to admit.

The floor is laminate – the bedroom laminate floor was there when we moved in.  Nice and glossy, but easier to scratch than our neighboring laminate in the living room.  You can see how it changes color out in the hall.  More on that later.

There’s the big ole Ikea wardbrobe.  Funny how the camera makes it more translucent, in real life the glass doors blend almost seamlessly with the blue walls.  Yes, there are those paintings sitting in the corner.  Maybe one day soon they’ll get to shine.


One thought on “House Tour – the bedroom

  1. I think your paintings should go on the blank wall. They have a good scale. But of course you’ve probably already thought of that and decided against it for a good reason.

    I love your zen bedroom, btw. Makes me a little sleepy just looking at the picture.

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