A Cubicle Christmas

Its our first annual Christmas decoration contest here in cube-land. Here’s my entry:


It is made up of an old blue curtain with painted stars, a string of twinkle lights, a lace curtain I picked up at Goodwill, sparkly paper for the big star, and felt.


Hello little polar bears.  See how they are enjoying their night sky?

The sliver of brown is the actual color of the cubicle wall.  Bleck.  My favorite part is the twinkle lights shining through the blue fabric.  I think it makes the whole thing work.


The rules were that we could only decorate the outside wall of the cube, and only within a certain space.  If I’d been allowed, I would have snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.  I came up with the design before I heard the categories, which are:

  • Best in Show
  • Best Biblical Depiction
  • Best Seasonal Depiction
  • Most Creative Use of Materials
  • Most Colorful
  • Most Nostalgic

I don’t know that my piece really matches any of these, but here’s hoping for best in show.  😉  The winners will be announced tomorrow at our office Christmas lunch/party.  Whatever the results, I stand by my work.


2 thoughts on “A Cubicle Christmas

  1. I’ve always had a fondness for polar bears. Apparently I got “most nostalgic” because it reminded people of the Coca-Cola polar bears, which I never thought about when I was making this. Admittedly, I have a stuffed polar bear from the Coke museum that I got when I was 10 and it has always been my favorite stuffed animal.

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