House Tour – living room

Its small, but its ours.

The old chair holding the lamp is a new addition.  A side table felt too bulky, so I’m trying out the chair thing.  We’ve got nice overhead recessed lighting with a dimmer, so lamps aren’t really necessary, but they add a nice vibe.

The Ikea screens are hiding our TV (shhh, don’t tell).  I’ve been switching out the stuff on the shelves and on top of the console, so various picture frames and candles are always migrating.

The window seat is where the animals like to sit and look out at the world.  I’ve got plans for some simple changes in here that I hope will make a big impact.  One of them is in the mail on its way to me right now…

As a side note, I vegged out over Christmas, but I’m back!  And now I’m surprised at how cruddy these photos are… yeah, more technical difficulties (my computer ate corrupted some of the other photos).  But things are looking up and there will definitely be more living room changes in the new year.


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