House Tour – the boy’s bathroom

So we’ve got 2 full bathrooms in the house, the pretty one is mine and the other still very nice one is Chris’s.  Its not big, and the tub/ shower combo is difficult to step in and out of in my opinion, but it has some nice little features.  The rag rug is from World Market and ties in pretty nicely with the art on the wall.

The previous owners left this little piece of furniture, which is handy as there isn’t much storage in here.

The clock was a wedding gift.  I think a clock in the bathroom is a necessity.  Its easy to lose track of time while I am admiring myself in the mirror.

I think I got the soap dispenser at Target.  The faucet is the same retro Kohler design with the hot, cold, waste labels as I have in my bathroom.  You can admire the granite here too.

Chris hung this poster up, it adds some color to the khaki walls and white floors.   He realized afterwards that the swirling whirlpool print hanging over the toilet has a certain humor to it.

The beadboard on this bump-out is a cute touch.  It is actually the back end of a broom closet on the other side of the wall.  The little soap dishes with the toothbrush holders built in are cute too.

So there it is, bathroom numero dos.


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