White + Bright

Sometimes I can’t figure out what my ideal style is, but these places are what get me most giddy. I have a pattern of pinning (and pining for) a bright white space with small hits of colors shining happily.  I refuse to say “pop of color”.  Woops, there it is.  Well I will try my best not to let it happen again.

First we’ll visit Yvestown, the home of Yvonne in Belgium.

Yes, it is super adorable.  Can you believe a boy lives here with all the pink?  He doesn’t even mind.

Yvonne has an amazing eye for styling – its one of those places where it is hard to believe real people live here, but they do.  I love the baby pinks and blue, seafoam green, and guest starring reds.  Yvonne went white all the way with the painted floorboards.  I don’t think I could do that in real life, I would constantly be plagued by muddy dogprints.  But I can admire and envy.  Check out her blog (linked above) for even more sweet pastel goodness.

We’ll stay in Europe for this  “tin chapel” in Faversham, Kent (jolly old England).  It was lovingly converted into a modern home by artist Nick Kenny.

Yes, I spy a white slip-covered sofa and chippy white mix-matched chairs.  The gothic windows win for best actress in a lead.  Nick smartly highlighted the architectural elements by painting them a soft blue-gray.

The excerpt from Sonnet 18 by one William Shakespeare is quite perfect.  Moving on…

We’ll head back to California, USA for a (re) visit to my favorite AT house tour ever, Alisha’s Bright White Guest Cottage.

Best support actors:  colorful dishes, textiles, art.

This one hits me just right by getting a little more bohemian with the printed textiles and embroidered bedcoverings while still staying dominated by white.

So maybe I could call my ideal style “white w/splashes of happy colors in the form of eclectic boho textiles & vintage cottage housewares”.  That is way too many words.  But all of those words belong.  I’ll figure it out one day when my dream of my own AT tour comes true.


5 thoughts on “White + Bright

  1. You know, I always admire this style myself, which I sometimes confuse with wanting to put it in my own house, but it’s so damn peppy I don’t think I could actually live with it.

  2. I love the rework of the chapel, and the last picture of the bed in the loft-ish area is my very favorite…

    here’s an idea for shortening your style title:whitesplashhappycolorsinformofeclecticbohotextiles&vintagecottagehouseware
    I like

  3. I thought I had commented on this already but alas! Anyway…every time I see pics like these I think “I want to go to there” but when left to my own devices, I don’t leave walls white. I love the style though.

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