House Tour – outside

If you wondered why I chose the blog name – now you know.  My house is very, very yellow.  But it’s got some personality.  You can see the climbing roses by the trellis over the window, that gets really bushy in summer.  I also like the little frilly details on the porch (I can’t remember what it is really called, help me out).

Once upon a time this was the front door.  Now it is a windowbox to temporarily hold plants until I kill them.

Yep, that is our bright red detached garage.  A big magnolia tree is encroaching on its space.

Coming through the little gate between the house and garage is our back yard.  Don’t mind the hay bale targets, we were shooting arrows at it.  Can you tell I took these photos in October?  The leaves might give it away.

View of the backyard from the opposite corner.

In addition to the one-car garage, we have a cute matching garden shed.

Our back patio with the sliding doors going leading to the kitchen.  That takes you basically all the way around the house.  Hopefully I can do more garden/yard photos one day when I am not ashamed of my yard and when there is more stuff to look at.


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