Bohemian Style ~ Part 2

More Bohemian style!  Here’s an intro from yesterday’s post to catch you up:

The bohemian aesthetic conjures up a romantic notion of a free-spirited yet somewhat impoverished life dedicated to art and wanderlust. So let’s look at some pretty pictures to see the building blocks of our modern concept of bohemian style.

I’ve come up with 6 main elements that seem to come up again and again whenever I spot something that appears decidedly bohemian in style:  Bright Colors, Patterns, Aged or Antique details, Global pieces, Nomadic influences, and an overall Eclectic design.  Naturally lots of these go hand in hand or overlap, but the more I looked at photos I realized that they all come in to play… keep an eye out for how many of these elements you can identify in any given photo.  If you want to see more of anything or the original source, click the photo.


Mixing your continents gets you feeling bohemian pretty quickly.  If you walk into World Market you’ll see heavy influences in textile patterns from India, collections of various Buddhas from across Asia, and a splash of Central Asian suzani in the throw pillows.  Its easy to get pretty extreme since there are so many beautiful things to choose from, but I like to balance out design objects from different continents so that my home doesn’t end up looking like a hibachi restaurant due to all the Japanese items (for example).

This fabulous bedroom can be found in Morocco.  It is definitely high drama with classical Moroccan design elements in the hanging lanterns and elaborately detailed patterns on the ceiling, the textiles, and carved wood in the doorway arches.

If you don’t live in a Moroccan palace, you can still incorporate bed canopies and floor cushions.  This is my favorite nursery tour to date.  The floor cushions in beautiful prints, the cute stuffed camel, and even the subtle arches in the crib all quietly point to the Middle East without feeling like you walked into a bazaar.

If you think this wall hanging looks familiar, its because identical fabric was in one of the photos from Bohemian Style ~ Part 1 in the form of a headboard.  These Mexican coverlets are called tenangos, you can find more here at in more beautiful colors.  The room maintains a clean, modern aesthetic in the furniture.

A little bit of India in jewel tones and patterns.  The elaborately painted side table is a creative way to bring in a pattern without relying on fabric.


The romantic idea of gypsies (again, not referring to any actual people group) involves a lot moving around and living in non-permanent structures.  Draped fabric can come in the form of a bed canopy, a wall hanging, or a cozy nook in a mini indoor tent.

Hanging fabric can create walls in a large open space like a loft or an outdoor patio.

Piles of luscious pillows are also prevalent in bohemian design, making any surface seem cozy and inviting.  Pillows make for easy to carry lightweight furniture, and are easily stackable in a corner when not in use.  This looks like a pile of large floor cushions, but its actually a sofa by designer Roche Bobois.

Moroccan poufs have been used in very glam settings lately.

Looks so comfy and plush…


If you like it, use it.  That means any found object can have a place in your home, and feel free to mix styles from the across the world and different centuries.

Birdcages in the bathtub?  Why not?

The sofa and walls are fairly contemporary, but the layered rugs and weathered industrial table make the room interesting.

This loft is a blank canvas full of beautiful things.  I love this oversize quilt that can be used as a room divider.  Check out the modern art with the black tufted sofa, the granny lamp, and those Moroccan style poufs again.  Oh and a cow hide rug, because, why not?

In conclusion – there’s a lot of gorgeous stuff out there. Go find what you love and bring it home, let things evolve naturally over time. There’s a ton of ways to do bohemian, but throw in some of these elements and you’ll be on the way.


3 thoughts on “Bohemian Style ~ Part 2

  1. Hi I have been looking everywhere for large floor cushions like the ones in the 9th picture from the top. do you know where I can find some like that?

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