Pinterest Challenge – Dip Dye Pillow

According to the experts, it is Pinterest Challenge time again!

Yeah, I wrote about my pillow dyeing experiment the other week.   BUT!  Then I saw a tutorial for dying dyeing and pinned it, thinking I would give it another try.  See, I was a little disappointed with the saturation of my pillow.

It looked like this:

When I wanted it to look like this:

My pillow was not bright and bold, it was pale.  And it didn’t have that two tone effect with the dark blue and light blue.

So I found this tutorial just after my pillow-dyeing attempt.  There were 2 big differences here – it says to let your fabric soak in dye for 2-3 hours, where I had just soaked my pillow for 45 minutes.  It also says specifically to use the powder dye, and I had used the liquid dye.  Here’s what the result of the tutorial is supposed to look like:

So I hit up the Hobby Lobby once again, bought the powder dye in teal, same color as before.  Then I dumped the entire package of dye into about 1 gallon of hot water.  This is not per instructions and is way more than you are supposed to use – it is supposed to be one package in 3 gallons of water.  This is my third attempt to dye something and I’d never been satisfied with the saturation, I thought I would go crazy and see what happened if I over-dyed (once before I tried to make a blue tank top black, but it ended up gray).  I added a half cup of salt to the dye too. Oh look, the directions also say to pre-dissolve the powder in 2 cups of water.  Why do they print these directions so tiny?  I did stir it up a bit with a paint stick before dipping my pillowcase in.

I let most of the pillowcase soak in the dye for about an hour.  Then I pulled part of the pillowcase out so only the lowest part was soaking in the dye for another hour.  At the end of 2 hours I rinsed it a bit and then threw the pillowcase in the washing machine because it was taking soooo long to rinse all that dye out.  I’m lazy.


Nope, I still didn’t get that 2 tone look.  Not even close.  I don’t know why it got blotchy like it did, maybe because I didn’t make more of an effort to fully dissolve the dye powder.  And you would never know that the bottom third soaked an hour longer than the middle third.

It did get the smeary part at the edge.  Like tie dye.  I thought tie dye was cool once.  In 6th grade.

Here it is chilling on the windowseat.  I’m not sure how I feel about it yet – is it better than attempt #1?  Worse?  Or just a different look?

(Hey Susie, if you’re reading this, Ahmed said “that’s a cool pillow”.  So it has received one dude vote.)


12 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge – Dip Dye Pillow

  1. I like it! I think it’s edgy. And remember, people walking into your home won’t necessarily know what you intended it to look like or what you went through, they’ll just think “cool pillow” 🙂

  2. I think it turned out well! This technique would be great if you dyed the bottom 40% then the top 40%, leaving a nice little white line in the middle where the dye tie-dyes a bit.

  3. I think your second attempt came out great! I actually really like that it’s blotchy, and the sort of smeared line between the teal & white is perfect. It looks very natural and organic 🙂

  4. Don’t say anything and people will think you bought it someplace really expensive.

    Or you can say, “Well, it was on sale, but I still paid way too much.”

    I discovered I could take that teal dye, dilute it a lot, and I could take my sheets back to the color that almost exactly matches the coverlet on my bed. Did it in the washing machine.

  5. I think it looks nice. If you want to do that ombre effect, you need a few separate dye buckets. Have the first bucket be the strongest and then dilute them more and more as you go down the line. In this case, for the two tone effect, you would have a bucket 3/4 full of pretty weak dye and then a bucket with just a few inches of really strong dye to get that intense color at the bottom of the pillowcase.

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  7. What is the fiber content of your pillow? If it is polyester or a poly- blend, instead of cotton it will not take dye well. If you heat the dye and add a couple table spoons of vinegar it shouldn’t take 2-3 hours. It will take more like 15-30 minutes.

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