I’m Andrea.


I am 30 years old and still trying to figure out my life.

I live in a gem of a little town in Georgia called Pine Lake, right outside Atlanta.  I share this little life with my nerdy husband Chris and a brand new baby human Coralie.  Supporting cast members are Pascal the dog and Percy and Pablo, the cats.

How you doin’?

I apologize for being a big, fat blog abandoner.  As of now, September 2013, I am trying to make a comeback.  I got pregnant, I felt sick and exhausted, there ya go.  No excuse, I know.  There will be lots more baby related posts, but I want to throw in design and home stuff too as I can.  I have way less time in front of a computer these days.  Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “about

    • We never heard of Pine Lake until we moved here, and we both grew up very close by. Its a hidden gem. The fall arts festival is small, but its a cute little neighborhood! There is an official Tour of Homes on May 6th, it costs some money to get a ticket (its a fundraiser). There are so many different houses, I always have a good time on the tour.

  1. Hi Andrea, I stepped into your wonderful blog when looking for bohemian tents..or something of that ilk. There are a zillion fab blogs and I am pressed for time (read – like a rice paper wafer!) but I was on your blog for hrs! I LOVE it and it gives me my daily fix of funky, boho, ideas and all sorts! I am from England (London), living on a small sub-tropical island above Taiwan (called Okinawa, Japan). I would really love to blog and you have achieved such a lovely balance of frivolity and practical ideas.

    Please, if you have any time at all, give me some tips on the hows and where’s of setting up such an amazingly designed blog. Are you a techy geek? I am a beginner, working on a Mac – any tutorials out there? Of course there would be no copying involved (make cross eyed face) but I particularly love all of the detail in yours – like the little pen circles around links etc. It really is eye catching.

    Anyway, have a great day.


  2. Hi Andrea,
    I found your blog through your comment about the “Gisele Bundchen” effect of perfect decor photography on Apartment Therapy a while back. I am a reporter at Canada’s national newspaper – The Globe and Mail – and am currently writing an article about decor addiction (obsessively looking at photos online and feeling bad about one’s own home). Are you available to comment on this?
    If so, please email me at abarton@globeandmail.com as soon as you can.
    Adriana Barton

  3. Hi Andrea! I followed a pin with cute bohemian decor to your wonderful articles, and I’ll be repinning them. Very nicely written, I liked how you broke down the elements of boho style, and you featured such great photos. Please visit my website, pin4ever.com, when you get a chance. Our program lets you save a copy of all your pins and boards on your computer, plus makes them searchable by typing in any word. Right now, anyone can try a free backup. Thanks!

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